It makes no sense to deny technology and how deeply it has integrated into our lives. And it gives us a huge amount of new information, communication and acquaintances. But unfortunately, these same technologies make us even more lonely.
Alienation in a crowd of people or among millions of users, albeit linked by common interests, is becoming "the new normal", while the illusory, flashy life of social network posts becomes the prism through which we evaluate each other, regardless of personal qualities.
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'Social typewriter'
Russian scientist and physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov demonstrated clearly through his experiments with dogs that initially neutral stimuli acquire physiological significance if they are associated with vital positive or negative reinforcement.
There's no sense to deny technology and how deeply it has integrated into our lives. Social media is a great demonstration ground where we see reactions are manifested in the form of symbolic punishments and rewards, playing the role of threats and reinforcements. We all know how that makes us feel: exalted when someone likes or reposts us, or frustrated when we see some negative comments and dislikes. We experience these two feelings alternately, dosed in a way that makes trapped in a loop cycle.
Digital Pixel Handpoke
There are many ways to apply tattoos, among them is the manual tattooing technique.
In these abstracts I have borrowed the hand-applied method, each pixel is exposed manually. Pixel-by-pixel application gives spot control over the shapes, colours, gradients of the work.
There are various representatives in this technique, but I wanted to capture abstraction in such a way that one feels as if it were a generative graphic work created by a computer.